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The Antonio Omio hut is classified by the CAI (Italian Alpine Club) as a C mountaineering refuge category, which includes those huts not reachable by any mechanical means and with a difference in level to the valley floor of 900/1000 meters.

For overnight stays, booking is always recommended, by calling or sending a message to the number 3917709121, by email to the address or by using the online form.






Any booking cancellation must be communicated at least 3 days in advance. In case of bad weather it is possible to change the reservation date without losing the deposit.


You are kindly asked to arrive by 6pm as dinner is served at 7.15pm.


It is mandatory to use a sleeping sheet bag, which can be also purchased at the hut for a price of 5.00€.


On the upper floors you can only access with slippers (no hiking boots or shoes), which are available in different sizes at the hut. For your own safety we ask you to avoid wandering around in slippers outside the hut.


Soap totally biodegradable is available: we invite you to use the provided soap, which helps to preserve the fragile environment in which you are located (the type of detergents used are essential for the water cycle in the hut; the use non-biodegradable detergents makes the whole cycle inefficient.)

For respect of all guests, you are kindly asked to be quiet after 10 p.m.  Breakfast is served from 6.30 a.m. to 9 a.m.


​WARNING: The alpine hut is a place of hospitality, but it is also a high-altitude garrison for the safety of mountaingoers, like you, and for the protection of the environment. For this reason we will ask you for some information about your itinerary and equipment. This information can be very useful for the Alpine Rescue, in case of need or accident.

You can also get ahead with the paper work and fill out this form before your overnight stay:


In rifugio scoprirai

di quante cose non avevi bisogno.


Discounted rates are also applied to members of other Alpine clubs (reciprocity), Alpine Guides and Media Mountain Escorts in service with customers.




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