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Our philosophy: Simple and high quality ingredients, self-production by using fresh raw materials. Bread, fresh pasta and cakes are all home made in our kitchen.


Meat, cured meats, eggs and milk are bought from local farms.


Also cheeses are almost all km 0, coming from the nearby pastures

or the lower Valley.


The polenta is made with corn and buckwheat stone

grounded flour then it is slowly cooked on wood-burning stove.

The bulk wine comes from a winery that produces organic wine,

located in  the famous Franciacorta area.

The coffee is bought from a fair trade artisan roasting.

The kitchen is ALWAYS OPEN because in the hut a chair, some bread and a glass of wine are never denied...

Here some of our main dishes...

Homemade Pizzoccheri

White Pizzoccheri with local cheese

Fresh homemade Pasta with local cheese and wild spinach

Ravioli with local ricotta cheese, wild spinach and nettles

Fresh homemade Pasta with taleggio cheese, chicory and walnuts
Risotto with bitto cheese and honey

Spiced Canederli with cream butter and sage

Tagliolini pasta with speck and blueberries

Purple potato Gnocchi
Barley soup with wild vegetables
Minestrone with fresh vegetables, cereals and legumes
Vegetables mousse
Beef or veal stew with polenta
Deer salmì with polenta
Polenta with local cheeses and melted butter

Prosciutto, salame e formaggio Consiglio

Apples red cake

Wild barriers chocolate cake

Filled tart cakes

Blueberry and ricotta cheese cake

Apple Strudel 

Buckwheat, hazelnuts and chocolate cake

Valtellina apple roses

Ligoncini cookies

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