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Born from a collaboration between the Dubino Pro loco and the CAI Novate Mezzola and Verceia section, the Walter Bonatti trail is a stunning itinerary that leads to the discovery of the natural beauty of the area. The trail has a total length of 25km. Starting from Dubino Monastery village (300m), it crosses the Ratti valley, the Spluga valley, the dell’Oro valley and ends at the Bagni di Masino (1.172m) in the Masino valley. The highest point reached by the trail is the Calvo pass at 2.700m altitude. Usually it is carried out in 2/3 days: the shelter locations along the way are the Primalpia hut (unmanaged) and the Omio hut. To shorten both its length and difference in level, a valid alternative is to start from alpe Piazza (981m), which can be accessed by car, subject to the purchase of the transit permit, purchasable at Cino village. Although it is not a trail with particular difficult and technical passages, given its length and overall elevation it is only recommended to hikers with excellent physical training. The trail is well marked and signposted with red-white marks.

Day one: from Monastero di Dubino village  (300m) to Primalpia hut (1.980m) 

Time:  h 9:00 

Distance: about 14.50 km

Difficulty: EE

∆+: 2.300m

∆-: 500m

From the Monastery di Dubino village (300m) go up along the ridge up to the Alpe Piazza (980m) and continue to Mount Basetta (1.746m). Once got in to the Ratti valley, continue to the huts of Codogno (1.810m) from where you climb to the passageway of Val Bassa (2.370m). From here descend to the Primalpia hut (1.980m). Alternately this stage can be done in two days, by staying overnight at the Chianova hut, located at Alpe Foppaccia (1.044m), reachable by taking to the left at a fork located at about 1.500m altitude, along the path from the Alpe Piazza to Mount Basetta.


Day two: from Primalpia hut (1.980m) to Bagni di Masino (1.172m)

Time :  h 7:00 

Distance: about 9.50 km

Difficulty: EE

∆+: 750m

∆-: 1.550m

From the Primalpia hut go up towards the Bottani-Cornaggia shelter, E-SE direction and, before to get to it, divert to the left at the junction located at at 2.100m altitude, in the direction of Marzel pond (2.296m). Once at the pond continue up to the Spluga pass (2.515m) and then carrying on N-NE direction towards the Calvo pass (2.700m). Once got in to the dell’Oro valley, descend to the Omio hut (2.100m) and then continue on to the Bagni di Masino (1.172m).


Nelle grandi occasioni si puntava verso la Val Masino: era l'università, lì ci si laureava alpinisti". W. Bonatti

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